Kesha Officiated a Same-Sex Wedding in Vegas and the Video Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy

 As part of the new "Universal Love" album that re-works popular love songs to be more inclusive, Kesha put her own spin on rockstar Janis Joplin's "I Need a Man to Love," and the video that came out today is so heartwarming. You might want to grab some tissues before you read any further.

 The video for Kesha’s version, which is called "I Need a Woman," starts with her wearing huge rainbow-studded sunglasses riding in the passenger side of a Corvette. She and her friend are heading to Las Vegas where Kesha later officiates a same-sex wedding for Dani and Lindsay, who saw her at a 2015 Pride performance where there were anti-LGBT protestors. In the video, the couple teared up when they remembered how Kesha had a rainbow flag, cape, and outfit, and reminded everyone that they’re loved.Read more .wedding dresses online australia