Like can be touched, and love will be heartache like can be willing, but love must be reluctant to like a person, winter is just winter, but is just a bit more beautiful, but love a person, winter can become spring.

The time of predestination, it is all sorts of mix and match the person that you think suits oneself, can break up instead eventually and the person that you think completely does not match, on the contrary can lead a lifetime.

Because relationships are never meant to be, they're meant to be, and the more they're meant to be, the more they're meant to be. Being able to fall in love is the most appropriate.

Everyone has a lot of shortcomings, if you are lucky, you will still find someone who loves you, wedding photography he not only inclusive you, he even heartache you those shortcomings, fear that you will suffer from it, all your bad, did not reduce his love to you, love has so stupid, as long as has been silly in the end.

When you love someone, you will cry with her. Like has nothing to do with responsibility, but love must be responsible for two people working toward the same direction, is the best love, is the happiness we want.

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