Money is an essential part of the wedding, that will take the newcomer to the happiest harbor, money is used to meet the bride, so charmingly car must speed up the flowers became the focus of the decoration on the car, so how to decorate the car? What kind of flowers are used on the wedding car?

The roof relative to the front, adornment is difficult, generally don't have flowers, because of easy deformation, that have to be decided according to the model of the whole car, to see what is to be used for decoration, some people with a big bow. And the flower adornment of car tail must be novel, often see drooping waterfall modelling.


Door flower adornment must not less, can have a lot of symmetrical effect, usually with 1 or 2 Chinese rose, fu lang, carnations with a little Ye Cai flowers, packed in wrapping paper, wear a bowknot, again with packing tape, adhesive tape paper should be fixed to the door handle. Still have an important place is car tail, the flower adornment of car tail is more free, can choose different flowers to mix together, also can use single heart or double heart cross design adornment.


Gorgeous, strong flowers can reflect lively, festive atmosphere, flowers must be fresh that is to leave the mother of a short time, intact, no loss of flowers. A large flower means a large number of flowers and a large degree of flowering. The allegorical meaning of flowers is good, it is to point to the language of flowers, such as lily implies a hundred years good union, bird of paradise implies a pair of wings and so on.


Car decoration on common flowers are lilies, anthurium, bird of paradise, dance, butterfly orchid, Chinese rose, gladiolus, cattleya, African chrysanthemum, carnation, platycodon grandiflorum, all over the sky star, sea lavender, forget me not to wait; The commonly used leaves are mainly Brazilian wood leaves, anemones, anemones, swordleaves, turtle back leaves, water taro leaves, asparagus leaves, penglaisong, asparagus, etc.