The current wedding, how to create a beautiful bride, let the bride through the sweet wedding unforgettable life, so that the memory of eternal retention of the bride's graceful posture? Wedding day, for the bride is a necessary dress a single product, in addition to wedding bridal Prepare a set of dresses so that the bride's grace can be perfectly displayed on any occasion. The romantic bride's favorite pink dress is like a flower like happiness.

The pink tube top dress design is unique, the bride's skin is filled with red, has a charming taste, pink is a bright color, the bride dress like a flower-like happiness, pink dress is only suitable for fair skin The bride, if it is a bride with a darker skin, does not try. The sequins of the small broken beads are designed to form a flower pattern. The workmanship is very delicate. Embroidery is used to fill the bride's pink dress with sequins. It is fashionable and elegant.

Tube top high-waist skirt dress design uses a lightweight outer layer of floating yarn material, the whole dress looks like a misty feeling, wedding dress bright beads piece of flowers is very delicate, so that the whole wedding dress becomes more Thick feminine. The bride's exquisite pink nude makeup look coupled with a pink high-waisted tube top dress sets the bride off as a flower-like feel that fully expresses the bride's beauty and charm.