The way of street wedding photography is different from the way of posing, which requires a good grasp of the technique of capturing and showing the characters through their dynamic and realistic images. What are the ways to take wedding photos?

1. Grasp the dynamic moments of the characters

When taking fashionable wedding photos on the street, you can choose the downtown streets with special features to highlight the performance of the characters. In the busy streets, various elements are mixed together, and the photographer needs to pay attention, filter out complicated interference elements, concentrate on photographing the most distinctive street scenes and characters, and seize the opportunity to shoot the most distinctive pictures.

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At the same time, if you want to make the picture more satisfactory, you can also add some additional small sets and facilities, so that you can better raise the picture of the case, coordinate the overall layout, and so on, so that the new couple's wedding photography style atmosphere satisfaction.

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2. The small aperture clearly highlights the characters and the building environment

Most street wedding photos use large aperture to blur the background and highlight the main characters. In fact, we can also try to use small aperture to make the characters and environmental scenes appear clearly in the picture, so that our photos have an environmental atmosphere and can also show the characters and the atmosphere.

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When shooting, the use of small aperture to shoot clear environment scenes is to let the whole environment to highlight the couple, but also enrich our picture. But when we choose to use small aperture to clearly reflect the environment, we must consider whether the environment is simple. Otherwise, the complicated environment in the past will not only highlight the main characters, but also make the picture appear disorganized.

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Street wedding photography method 3, use posing to highlight the figure

Street fashion wedding photos need to arrange the locations of characters and buildings reasonably, and important people and scenes can be better integrated together. In order to show the best side of the new couple, we should guide them to strike some poses according to their characteristics when shooting, so as to highlight some of their characteristics and enrich the sense of picture at the same time.