Summer is definitely the high tide of marriage, the girls who will become brides, how to choose a beautiful wedding dress they are satisfied with? Bridal wedding dress selection strategy you must look carefully!


The timing is a key element of the bride's wedding selection strategy

STEP1: make "bridal gown schedule". In order to find the dress that you like and suit yourself, you must first make a careful schedule. The best time to choose a wedding dress is six months before marriage.

STEP2: start picking out the wedding dress. Wedding dresses can be rented or customized, the advantages of rent is low cost, usually several hundred yuan starting price. But the drawback is that it doesn't necessarily fit. Although the cost of custom-made wedding dress is high, it is tailor-made after all, can make the best of your advantages and avoid the disadvantages, and give full play to your beauty.

STEP3: consult more. A comprehensive search of wedding information.

STEP4: reserve wedding dress shop, go! If you like your wedding dress, you can contact the bridal shop. Ordinary wedding dress shop has the service of trying on, if free, might as well make an appointment on weekdays. That way, there are relatively few customers in the store. You can pick one up slowly enough.

STEP5: communicate with wedding dress shop as much as possible. The budget of the wedding dress, the style of the ceremony, the style of the venue, the date of the wedding, and some of their own ideas about the wedding dress, should be clear to the staff of the wedding shop in person.

STEP6: the cardio fitting is officially started. Try on as many different dresses as possible. The breast is an important part of wedding dress design. The wedding dress with loose breasts can give people a cheap feeling, so it is necessary to wear underwear to match the size of the wedding dress. Whether the area of the waist is correct, whether the waist is too tight or too loose, these must be carefully confirmed.

STEP7: carry the deserve to act the role of bright wedding dress also cannot ignore. After deciding the style of the wedding dress, you can start to choose small accessories such as headpieces, gloves, necklaces and earrings. The quality of decorations can affect the overall image of the bride.

STEP8: perfect bride sees embryonic form first. Wear a wedding dress and headdress. Delicate makeup, elegant hair, a moving beautiful bride on the surface of the water.





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