Must not miss the shiny bride dress also attention, choose wedding dress to slightly larger. Of course, appropriate beaded embroidery, lace, bowknot, ribbon is also the indispensable wedding dress point eyeball pen. When you're talking to a wedding dress consultant or designer, bring your picture with you to help you express your ideas and opinions more clearly. 2 the skin fair-skinneds in vain, almost all the wedding dress to wear, in addition to the traditional pure white and red, in recent years popular pink and pink wedding dress is a new choice, can bring in all the different fashion sense. Slim cut, perfect outline of the female curve, so that you can also dress up as a small woman in shining. Note the following: wear all the accessories such as headpieces, necklaces and shoes to see if they match up with your wedding dress. Does the wedding dress allow you to move freely and stay in good shape all the time?

Try sitting down, raising your arms, bending down, hugging, and spinning to see if you're in a situation that's going to embarrass you. Is it too hot or cold to wear? What is the weight of the skirt, and will standing for long periods of time make you feel tired? Are the parts of the skirt smooth enough to scratch the skin? Some brides' wedding dresses seem too revealing. At present, wedding dresses are mostly chemical fiber products, mostly made from nylon, down, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. Here are two things to watch out for: first, make sure she doesn't impose her opinions on you; Second, don't let your mom and friends walk you down the street at the same time, because everyone will let you try on the dress she thinks is the most beautiful and suitable for you, and you will feel at a loss. Sometimes there are gaps in the box to keep the air flowing.

If the satin series of products, generally a layer of imported thick forging and a layer of lining can achieve a good effect. Since the waist is not quite obvious, the overall feeling from top to bottom is a straight line, and the overall feeling will look taller. ? Qiu dong season, all kinds of traditional Chinese holidays and choosing at this time into the wedding hall brides, through a variety of festive atmosphere, choose the most fashionable shining bride dress up! Choose a sparkly bridal outfit that suits you well and you'll be in the spotlight! Slim and sparkly dress brides want to appear mature and charming, so this shining bridal dress is the most suitable. Purple, sapphire blue, can make the skin that is not white originally more show dark and heavy wax yellow, and the color such as cinnamon, lotus root, copper aureate is tonal except it is skin white fair-skinned. Make sure that if you need to customize the wedding dress, it is best to start selecting the wedding dress one year in advance. The minimum time is no less than 9 months. You may have chosen a dress that suits you, but you ignored the fitting process.