Creative wedding location lottery

Here's a look at some of the fun and creative ways to design your wedding banquet. In order to add to the atmosphere of the wedding banquet, some lottery gifts are also a good solution. You can also design several interesting and creative lottery links for your wedding banquet. One, look under the chair when the bride and bridegroom are installed in the venue, they randomly made marks under some chairs, maybe there is a ribbon on the leg of the chair or the card hidden in the chair cover. Look, has luck befallen itself? Two CARDS, greeting CARDS, to prepare the same, each guest sign in when they write down blessing and generic name. The greeting card network in all the way, or in the lucky draw box or a entourage of wall, also have to the bride and groom specialized preparation wishing tree, hang card in a small tree. When a wedding banquet held to draw link, the random extraction from the info. Three, prize contest check-in, the bride and groom prepared three boxes, with three kinds of color difference. Please guests to predict the bride a second later, the uniform color is what? Guests will itself to hand in in itself to mystery box, selected materials in the personnel have the opportunity to draw. 4, the mobile phone site lottery to have this kind of special small software, the bride and groom can consult a wedding company. 5, sweet treasure hid the tickets in advance in a joyful, random send. Draw link first, every man, by apart and joyful to box in this paper, from all the way to xi

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