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24 octobre 2019

The red formal dress

Autumn has come, the vegetation has quietly appeared before the shake off the sallow color, the rice is fully ripe, the branches of the fruit hanging low, even the water in the river has become clear and bright.

"The trees and trees are all autumn, and the hills and mountains are falling." Yin the ancient poem, I stood on the top of the hills, independent from the autumn wind, back to the sunset, facing the vast wilderness, carefully taste the scenery of the autumn, autumn charm, autumn style. I do not know when, the picturesque field suddenly appeared a touch of red, like the spirit of autumn, in the tone of pure background.

On closer inspection, it turned out to be a woman. Far away, I could not see her face, but I could see her yellow hat and her red skirt. Far away, I have no way to know her age, what she can affect my vision is the red dress. The red dress is her logo. She is the red dress.Read more at:formal dresses australia

In that aureate world, that red skirt is so striking, a bit among them, so appropriate ground is adorning the scene of this season. The dress was not the hot scarlet, but the watery red of the tomato, with the coolness of autumn. She is like a maple leaf flying in the wind in autumn, gently across, in the autumn of the grand scene on a pure beauty.

Wherever the skirt moved, my eyes followed. The place that skirt dangles, there scenery can show a few minutes moving tonal come. The skirt moved to the edge of the rice field and reflected the golden color of the rice. The skirt moved to the edge of the lotus pond, which reflected the verdure of the autumn lotus. The skirt was moved to the riverside, and reflected the verdure of the grass and the clear brightness of the water. They, in turn, made the red dress more attractive.

That red skirt is like the hormone of autumn, urge the fragrance of autumn lotus more rich, rice more full, I feel more comfortable on the hills. Even that did not come to the place of the autumn wind is a little sentimental, dancing in the field, fluttering the waves of rice thin ground writhing, pulling the red skirt step in some of the width of the autumn.

"Loose the autumn leaves, can open February flowers." The wind with the red skirt, the red skirt with the wind, like a diffuse eyes and autumn flowers. The wind and the skirt are so intertwined that I don't know whether the wind blows the red skirt or the red skirt blows the wind. The scenery is pleasant, poem from the heart, people are not unexpectedly feeling: chu tian li good autumn!

On the winding path in the field, the red skirt gently swaying, my heart is gently swaying, people in the aesthetic intoxicated. Intoxicating, not that autumn scene, but just a little red in the scene. The white clouds on the horizon seem to have been moved by her, low from the other side of the field pressure over, greedily bent down, the soft light of the sunset is his amorous eyes.

Looking at her, quietly looking at her through, looking at her quietly through, do not take away a piece of autumn color. That skirt is moving, but gives a person a kind of static beauty. Peaceful, plain, quiet, clear, pure, a variety of beautiful feeling quietly to the heart source, direct heart. My heart is still like water, the world is empty, far away, as if can hear the red skirt and inaba all the way rub voice.

I thought of a poem: "in that month, I turned all my prayer tubes, not for salvation, but to touch your fingertips." Although not met, but have produced that kind of mind - to - heart feeling. Looking at her leisurely walking in the field, that unintentionally revealed the scene, has conquered my wild, I because of her heart as plain paper, only waiting for her to come to the point with a drop of cool red.

The red skirt, however, did not know that someone on the opposite hill was changing for her. It continued to wrap itself in the graceful figure and wear the straw yellow sun hat, gradually shrinking in the field and going straight into the village covered with verdant trees. And there seems to be a red dot wandering through the wilderness, which, if true, must be the soul of the red formal dress  

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05 janvier 2019

Creative wedding location lottery


Creative wedding location lottery

Here's a look at some of the fun and creative ways to design your wedding banquet. In order to add to the atmosphere of the wedding banquet, some lottery gifts are also a good solution. You can also design several interesting and creative lottery links for your wedding banquet. One, look under the chair when the bride and bridegroom are installed in the venue, they randomly made marks under some chairs, maybe there is a ribbon on the leg of the chair or the card hidden in the chair cover. Look, has luck befallen itself? Two CARDS, greeting CARDS, to prepare the same, each guest sign in when they write down blessing and generic name. The greeting card network in all the way, or in the lucky draw box or a entourage of wall, also have to the bride and groom specialized preparation wishing tree, hang card in a small tree. When a wedding banquet held to draw link, the random extraction from the info. Three, prize contest check-in, the bride and groom prepared three boxes, with three kinds of color difference. Please guests to predict the bride a second later, the uniform color is what? Guests will itself to hand in in itself to mystery box, selected materials in the personnel have the opportunity to draw. 4, the mobile phone site lottery to have this kind of special small software, the bride and groom can consult a wedding company. 5, sweet treasure hid the tickets in advance in a joyful, random send. Draw link first, every man, by apart and joyful to box in this paper, from all the way to xi

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13 décembre 2018

Don't miss the sparkly bridal look


Must not miss the shiny bride dress also attention, choose wedding dress to slightly larger. Of course, appropriate beaded embroidery, lace, bowknot, ribbon is also the indispensable wedding dress point eyeball pen. When you're talking to a wedding dress consultant or designer, bring your picture with you to help you express your ideas and opinions more clearly. 2 the skin fair-skinneds in vain, almost all the wedding dress to wear, in addition to the traditional pure white and red, in recent years popular pink and pink wedding dress is a new choice, can bring in all the different fashion sense. Slim cut, perfect outline of the female curve, so that you can also dress up as a small woman in shining. Note the following: wear all the accessories such as headpieces, necklaces and shoes to see if they match up with your wedding dress. Does the wedding dress allow you to move freely and stay in good shape all the time?

Try sitting down, raising your arms, bending down, hugging, and spinning to see if you're in a situation that's going to embarrass you. Is it too hot or cold to wear? What is the weight of the skirt, and will standing for long periods of time make you feel tired? Are the parts of the skirt smooth enough to scratch the skin? Some brides' wedding dresses seem too revealing. At present, wedding dresses are mostly chemical fiber products, mostly made from nylon, down, synthetic fiber and glass fiber. Here are two things to watch out for: first, make sure she doesn't impose her opinions on you; Second, don't let your mom and friends walk you down the street at the same time, because everyone will let you try on the dress she thinks is the most beautiful and suitable for you, and you will feel at a loss. Sometimes there are gaps in the box to keep the air flowing.

If the satin series of products, generally a layer of imported thick forging and a layer of lining can achieve a good effect. Since the waist is not quite obvious, the overall feeling from top to bottom is a straight line, and the overall feeling will look taller. ? Qiu dong season, all kinds of traditional Chinese holidays and choosing at this time into the wedding hall brides, through a variety of festive atmosphere, choose the most fashionable shining bride dress up! Choose a sparkly bridal outfit that suits you well and you'll be in the spotlight! Slim and sparkly dress brides want to appear mature and charming, so this shining bridal dress is the most suitable. Purple, sapphire blue, can make the skin that is not white originally more show dark and heavy wax yellow, and the color such as cinnamon, lotus root, copper aureate is tonal except it is skin white fair-skinned. Make sure that if you need to customize the wedding dress, it is best to start selecting the wedding dress one year in advance. The minimum time is no less than 9 months. You may have chosen a dress that suits you, but you ignored the fitting process.



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11 décembre 2018

The timing is a key element of the bride's wedding selection strategy


Summer is definitely the high tide of marriage, the girls who will become brides, how to choose a beautiful wedding dress they are satisfied with? Bridal wedding dress selection strategy you must look carefully!


The timing is a key element of the bride's wedding selection strategy

STEP1: make "bridal gown schedule". In order to find the dress that you like and suit yourself, you must first make a careful schedule. The best time to choose a wedding dress is six months before marriage.

STEP2: start picking out the wedding dress. Wedding dresses can be rented or customized, the advantages of rent is low cost, usually several hundred yuan starting price. But the drawback is that it doesn't necessarily fit. Although the cost of custom-made wedding dress is high, it is tailor-made after all, can make the best of your advantages and avoid the disadvantages, and give full play to your beauty.

STEP3: consult more. A comprehensive search of wedding information.

STEP4: reserve wedding dress shop, go! If you like your wedding dress, you can contact the bridal shop. Ordinary wedding dress shop has the service of trying on, if free, might as well make an appointment on weekdays. That way, there are relatively few customers in the store. You can pick one up slowly enough.

STEP5: communicate with wedding dress shop as much as possible. The budget of the wedding dress, the style of the ceremony, the style of the venue, the date of the wedding, and some of their own ideas about the wedding dress, should be clear to the staff of the wedding shop in person.

STEP6: the cardio fitting is officially started. Try on as many different dresses as possible. The breast is an important part of wedding dress design. The wedding dress with loose breasts can give people a cheap feeling, so it is necessary to wear underwear to match the size of the wedding dress. Whether the area of the waist is correct, whether the waist is too tight or too loose, these must be carefully confirmed.

STEP7: carry the deserve to act the role of bright wedding dress also cannot ignore. After deciding the style of the wedding dress, you can start to choose small accessories such as headpieces, gloves, necklaces and earrings. The quality of decorations can affect the overall image of the bride.

STEP8: perfect bride sees embryonic form first. Wear a wedding dress and headdress. Delicate makeup, elegant hair, a moving beautiful bride on the surface of the water.





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08 décembre 2018

Very beautiful wedding dress


When I hold your sleeves and hold hands with you, my life will endeavor to mate with you, come together, or live, or die.
Snow white color angel's wedding dress, girl's dream of marriage, there is a dreamy paradise in general beauty.
Sketch cloth yarn decorated with flowers, light-weave silk cotton meaning deep.
The white wedding dress falls on the slender body of the woman. This momentary Fang Fei seems to have become an eternal. The black hair is set off against her white wedding dress. The woman's face is slightly flushed with a slight soft smile. Everything is swaying in the air.
Wedding dress, pure white without silk and without traces. Embellished with lace, elegant chiffon skirt, the perfect combination of delicate skin and wedding dress for women, faintly charming body. Wedding dresses, like petal lilies, indifferent, delicate, light and transparent fabrics, and embroidery, everything is so perfect and moving.



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06 décembre 2018

The art of wedding toasting


Giving alcohol to the elders is a necessary process at the ceremony. It is the highlight of a wedding and it is also the only opportunity for guests and newcomers to interact. The order of new people toasting is also very particular, first is the main table, the first to respect their own elders, and then begin to respect relatives. The marriage family is now sharing tips on toasting with you.

The order of wedding toasting is very important. First, the ceremonies will allow the guests present to make a toast to the groom and the bride. The next step is to greet the guests with the newcomers, to thank the first toasters, to acknowledge the parents of the two parties, and to the bridesmaids. We toast. The bridesmaids and groomsmen must also pay homage and send their best wishes. Finally, the groom's father toasted and represented the bride's parents, thanking guests for their presence.

The toast to guests is usually started by the two elders, then the relatives and parents of colleagues, friends, and finally with their new friends, classmates, colleagues. This will prevent people of all types who have relationships with the bride and groom from having opinions and avoid omissions. Everyone at each table should be respected as much as possible. When toasting, the newcomers must personally fill the glasses for the guests and carry their hands to the guests, but do not force the guests to drink.


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30 novembre 2018

Teach you how to create a stylish and personal wedding


Nowadays, most of the young people who marry are born in the 1980s or 1990s, while the young people born in the 1980s or 1990s are more likely to pursue the characteristics of freedom, fashion, romance, aestheticism and personality, so how to make their wedding more distinctive and distinctive? Then along with the wedding company yilan to see how to create the most stylish personality of the wedding bar.

Decorating your shoes with your and his birthday stones or the initials of your name will make you look great. If the budget allows, go to a jewelry store. If you don't have a big budget, you can order it at your own store.

Get a little bored with cocktails, but don't give up on your favorite flavors and just expand them. Different kinds of drinks can be served. For example, if you really don't like magritte or martini, strawberry, watermelon or apple juice is also a good choice without having to give them a special name.

3, decorate a charming dance floor, spread on soundproof cloth, decorate with a metal mark that has design feeling again on shoot a lamp, form the effect of projection on the ground.

4. Ask each guest to list one or two favorite songs on the reply list, and then edit a personalized performance list according to their requirements.

5. On the wedding day, put the return letter cookies (which can be a combination of your initials or English names) in small transparent pockets and tie them with ribbon. Also, write the ingredients on a card and tie them to a ribbon.

Tell everyone about your favorites, or some of your favorite books, or unforgettable lines, or even lyrics. Write them down on the invitation, on the invitation, or on a separate sheet of paper.

If you're a fan of online shopping, try combining your purchases with the decor at the reception desk. Put the flowers in beautiful tins, put them everywhere, or put them on the piano. If you collect porcelain, placing it on a table for guests will definitely add to the wedding.

Ask your parents and their parents what their favorite songs are and then play them after you've danced the first dance. Tell the guests what these two songs mean and ask everyone to dance together.



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28 novembre 2018

Street wedding photos show the most authentic self


The way of street wedding photography is different from the way of posing, which requires a good grasp of the technique of capturing and showing the characters through their dynamic and realistic images. What are the ways to take wedding photos?

1. Grasp the dynamic moments of the characters

When taking fashionable wedding photos on the street, you can choose the downtown streets with special features to highlight the performance of the characters. In the busy streets, various elements are mixed together, and the photographer needs to pay attention, filter out complicated interference elements, concentrate on photographing the most distinctive street scenes and characters, and seize the opportunity to shoot the most distinctive pictures.

Run beat

At the same time, if you want to make the picture more satisfactory, you can also add some additional small sets and facilities, so that you can better raise the picture of the case, coordinate the overall layout, and so on, so that the new couple's wedding photography style atmosphere satisfaction.

The ancient evaluated integratedly taken

2. The small aperture clearly highlights the characters and the building environment

Most street wedding photos use large aperture to blur the background and highlight the main characters. In fact, we can also try to use small aperture to make the characters and environmental scenes appear clearly in the picture, so that our photos have an environmental atmosphere and can also show the characters and the atmosphere.

Streets take wedding photos

When shooting, the use of small aperture to shoot clear environment scenes is to let the whole environment to highlight the couple, but also enrich our picture. But when we choose to use small aperture to clearly reflect the environment, we must consider whether the environment is simple. Otherwise, the complicated environment in the past will not only highlight the main characters, but also make the picture appear disorganized.

Running with smile

Street wedding photography method 3, use posing to highlight the figure

Street fashion wedding photos need to arrange the locations of characters and buildings reasonably, and important people and scenes can be better integrated together. In order to show the best side of the new couple, we should guide them to strike some poses according to their characteristics when shooting, so as to highlight some of their characteristics and enrich the sense of picture at the same time.





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26 novembre 2018

Pink Tube Top Wedding Gown Bridal Dress


The current wedding, how to create a beautiful bride, let the bride through the sweet wedding unforgettable life, so that the memory of eternal retention of the bride's graceful posture? Wedding day, for the bride is a necessary dress a single product, in addition to wedding bridal Prepare a set of dresses so that the bride's grace can be perfectly displayed on any occasion. The romantic bride's favorite pink dress is like a flower like happiness.

The pink tube top dress design is unique, the bride's skin is filled with red, has a charming taste, pink is a bright color, the bride dress like a flower-like happiness, pink dress is only suitable for fair skin The bride, if it is a bride with a darker skin, does not try. The sequins of the small broken beads are designed to form a flower pattern. The workmanship is very delicate. Embroidery is used to fill the bride's pink dress with sequins. It is fashionable and elegant.

Tube top high-waist skirt dress design uses a lightweight outer layer of floating yarn material, the whole dress looks like a misty feeling, wedding dress bright beads piece of flowers is very delicate, so that the whole wedding dress becomes more Thick feminine. The bride's exquisite pink nude makeup look coupled with a pink high-waisted tube top dress sets the bride off as a flower-like feel that fully expresses the bride's beauty and charm.



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23 novembre 2018

How to choose wedding flowers


Money is an essential part of the wedding, that will take the newcomer to the happiest harbor, money is used to meet the bride, so charmingly car must speed up the flowers became the focus of the decoration on the car, so how to decorate the car? What kind of flowers are used on the wedding car?

The roof relative to the front, adornment is difficult, generally don't have flowers, because of easy deformation, that have to be decided according to the model of the whole car, to see what is to be used for decoration, some people with a big bow. And the flower adornment of car tail must be novel, often see drooping waterfall modelling.


Door flower adornment must not less, can have a lot of symmetrical effect, usually with 1 or 2 Chinese rose, fu lang, carnations with a little Ye Cai flowers, packed in wrapping paper, wear a bowknot, again with packing tape, adhesive tape paper should be fixed to the door handle. Still have an important place is car tail, the flower adornment of car tail is more free, can choose different flowers to mix together, also can use single heart or double heart cross design adornment.


Gorgeous, strong flowers can reflect lively, festive atmosphere, flowers must be fresh that is to leave the mother of a short time, intact, no loss of flowers. A large flower means a large number of flowers and a large degree of flowering. The allegorical meaning of flowers is good, it is to point to the language of flowers, such as lily implies a hundred years good union, bird of paradise implies a pair of wings and so on.


Car decoration on common flowers are lilies, anthurium, bird of paradise, dance, butterfly orchid, Chinese rose, gladiolus, cattleya, African chrysanthemum, carnation, platycodon grandiflorum, all over the sky star, sea lavender, forget me not to wait; The commonly used leaves are mainly Brazilian wood leaves, anemones, anemones, swordleaves, turtle back leaves, water taro leaves, asparagus leaves, penglaisong, asparagus, etc.





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